KronoDesk: ImportExport SOAP Web Service

This web service enables the import and export of data to/from the system. Each function is prefixed by the area of the system that it relates to. For example, the Ticket_Retrieve function relates to the Help Desk module.

The following operations are supported. For a formal definition, please review the Service Description .

Return Value Operation
booleanConnection_Authenticate ( string?  userName, string?  password, string?  pluginName, boolean useLicense, )
Authenticates against the server. Need to call before using other methods
Disconnects the currenly authenticated / authorized user
RemoteDocumentDocument_AddFile ( RemoteDocument?  remoteDocument, base64Binary?  binaryData, )
Adds a new document (file) into the system and associates it with the provided artifact
ArrayOfRemoteDocumentDocument_GetForArtifact ( int artType, long artifactId, boolean includeHash, )
Gets a list of attached documents to an item.
ArrayOfRemoteProductProduct_Retrieve ( boolean includeDeleted, )
Retrieves a list of products in the system
stringSystem_GetExtensionFromMimeType ( string?  mimeType, )
Returns the extension for a mime-type (e.g. "image/gif")
stringSystem_GetMimeTypeFromExtension ( string?  extension, )
Returns the mime type for a file extension
Retrieves the version number of the current installation.
Retrieves the current date-time on the server in UTC
Returns the current configuration settings for the installation.
Gets the base URL of the website that the system is running under. Used for notifications and exported artifacts
Retrieves a list of publicly accessible web page urls, used in SEO sitemaps
RemoteTicketNoteTicket_AddNote ( RemoteTicketNote?  remoteTicketNote, )
Adds a new note to an existing ticket
RemoteTicketTicket_Create ( RemoteTicket?  remoteTicket, )
Creates a new ticket in the system
RemoteTicketTicket_Update ( RemoteTicket?  remoteTicket, )
Updates a ticket in the system.
RemoteTicketNoteTicket_UpdateNote ( RemoteTicketNote?  remoteTicketNote, )
Updates an existing note in the system
RemoteUserUser_Create ( RemoteUser?  remoteUser, string?  password, string?  passwordQuestion, string?  passwordAnswer, ArrayOfstring?  roles, )
Creates a new user (with profile) in the system and adds them to the specified roles
ArrayOfRemoteUserUser_RetrieveByEmailAddress ( string?  emailAddress, )
Retrieves a list of users that have a specific email address
RemoteUserUser_RetrieveById ( long userId, )
Retrieves a single user in the system
RemoteUserUser_RetrieveByLogin ( string?  login, )
Retrieves a single user in the system bh its login