KronoDesk: REST Web Service (v4.0)

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PUT: users


Updates a specific user in the system

How to Execute

To access this REST web service, you need to use the following URL:

Request Body

Property Description
UserId The id of the user
FirstName The first (given) name of the user
LastName The last name (surname) of the user
MiddleInitial The middle initials of the user
Login The login used by the user
LdapDn The LDAP Distinguished Name for the user (null for non-LDAP users) Not currently used by the API
EmailAddress The email address of the user
Active Whether the user is active in the system
Approved Is this user approved by the system administrator
Locked Is this user locked-out of their account
RssToken What is the RSS token for this user
FullName The full name of the user concatenated (First + Middle + Last)

Return Data