KronoDesk: REST Web Service (v4.0)

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GET: documents/{attachment_id}


Retrieves a single attachment by its ID

How to Execute

To access this REST web service, you need to use the following URL:{attachment_id}

Request Parameters

Name Description
attachment_id The id of the attachment

Request Body

Return Data

Property Description
AttachmentId The id of the attachment
AttachmentTypeId The id of the attachment typeFile = 1, URL = 2
ArtifactTypeId The id of the type of artifact it's attached toNone = -1, Forum = 1, Thread = 2, Message = 3, User = 4, Article = 5, Ticket = 6, Placeholder = 7
ArtifactId The id of the artifact it's being attached to
AuthorId The id of the user that uploaded the attachmentIf no value is provided, the authenticated user is used
FilenameOrUrl The filename of the file (if a file attachment) or the full URL if a URL attachment
Description The description of the attachment
UploadDate The date/time the attachment was uploaded
Size The size of the attachment in bytesPass 0 for a URL attachment
Hash The MD5 hash of the file's contents.
AuthorName The display name of the user that uploaded the attachment
DocumentURL Returns the url to directly access the document.