SpiraPlan: REST Web Service (v4.0)

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PUT: projects/{project_id}/releases


Updates a release in the system

How to Execute

To access this REST web service, you need to use the following URL:


Request Parameters

Name Description
project_id The id of the current project

Request Body

Property Description
ReleaseId The id of the release
CreatorId The id of the user that created the release
IndentLevel The indentation level of the artifact The system uses a set of three-letter segments to denote indent (e.g. AAA followed by AAB, etc.)
Name The name of the release
Description The description of the release
VersionNumber The version number string of the release
CreationDate The date the release was originally created
LastUpdateDate The date the release was last modified
Summary Is this release a summary one (i.e. does it have child releases)
Active Is this release active for the project
Iteration Is this an iteration (true) or a release (false)
StartDate What is the start date for the release
EndDate What is the end date for the release
ResourceCount How many people are working on the release
DaysNonWorking How many non-working days are associated with the release
PlannedEffort What is the estimated planned effort associated with the release
AvailableEffort How much effort is still available in the release for planning
TaskEstimatedEffort How much effort was estimated for all the tasks scheduled for this release
TaskActualEffort How much effort was actually expended for all the tasks scheduled for this release
TaskCount How many tasks are scheduled for this release
CreatorName What is the full display name of the person who created this release
FullName The full name and version number of the release combined
ProjectId The id of the project that the artifact belongs to The current project is always used for Insert operations for security reasons
ArtifactTypeId The type of artifact that we have (read-only)
ConcurrencyDate The datetime used to track optimistic concurrency to prevent edit conflicts
CustomProperties The list of associated custom properties/fields for this artifact

Return Data

The JSON and XML examples below show the shape of one entry that will be returned. It does not show an example of how that entry will be populated.