SpiraPlan: REST Web Service (v5.0)

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POST: projects/{project_id}/test-cases/{test_case_id}/add-update-automation-script?automation_engine_id={automation_engine_id}&url_or_filename={url_or_filename}&description={description}&version={version}&project_attachment_type_id={project_attachment_type_id}&project_attachment_folder_id={project_attachment_folder_id}


Adds or updates the automation test script associated with a test case

How to Execute

To access this REST web service, you need to use the following URL (make sure to replace any parameters (eg {project_id}) with the relevant value (eg 1):


Request Parameters

Name Description
project_id The id of the current project
test_case_id The id of the test case
automation_engine_id The id of the automation engine
url_or_filename The url or filename for the test script
description The description of the automation script
version The version of the test script
project_attachment_type_id The attachment type to store the script under (optional)
project_attachment_folder_id The attachment folder to store the script under (optional)

Request Body

Property Description

Return Data

The JSON and XML examples below show the shape of one entry that will be returned. It does not show an example of how that entry will be populated.