SpiraPlan: REST Web Service (v7.0)

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PUT: program-milestones/types


Updates an existing program milestone type

You cannot make the default type inactive or no longer default - instead you must make a different type default first

How to Execute

To access this REST web service, you need to use the following URL (make sure to replace any parameters (eg {project_id}) with the relevant value (eg 1):


Request Body

Property Description
TypeId ID of this program milestone type
Name Name of this type
IsActive Whether or not this type is active (Able to be used in User Interface)
IsDefault Whether or not this is the default program milestone type
Guid The unique identifier for the artifact
ConcurrencyGuid GUID for representing the concurrency state of a given artifact
LastUpdateDate Last time the artifact was updated

Return Data

The JSON and XML examples below show the shape of one entry that will be returned. It does not show an example of how that entry will be populated.