SpiraPlan: REST Web Service (v7.0)

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PUT: project-templates/{project_template_id}/documents/workflows/{workflow_id}/transitions/{workflow_transition_id}


Updates a workflow transition in the same ways you can in the UI.

How to Execute

To access this REST web service, you need to use the following URL (make sure to replace any parameters (eg {project_id}) with the relevant value (eg 1):


Request Parameters

Name Description
project_template_id Project template the workflow is within
workflow_id Workflow this transition is within
workflow_transition_id TransitionId of the workflow transition to be updated

Request Body

Property Description
ExecuteByCreator Can this transition be executed by the creator of the artifact
ExecuteByOwner Can this transition be executed by the owner of the artifact
StatusId_Input What is the id of the input artifact status
StatusId_Output What is the id of the output artifact status
Name What is the name of the transition
WorkflowId What workflow does this transition belong to
TransitionId What is the id of this transition
RequireSignature Does it require an electronic signature
BlankOwner Does the status this transition transitions to allow the Owner (OwnerId) field to be blank on the artifact being transitioned
NotifyCreator Does this transition notify the artifact creator
NotifyOwner Does this transition notify the artifact owner
NotificationSubject Transition notification email subject line for emails sent to users configured to recieve notifications for this transition. (Incidents only)
UserRoles UserRoleIds for who can execute this transition
NotificationRoles UserRoleIds for who is notified when this transition occurrs (Incidents only)
Guid The unique identifier for the artifact
ConcurrencyGuid GUID for representing the concurrency state of a given artifact
LastUpdateDate Last time the artifact was updated

Return Data

The JSON and XML examples below show the shape of one entry that will be returned. It does not show an example of how that entry will be populated.