SpiraPlan: REST Web Service (v7.0)

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PUT: projects/{project_id}/requirements


Updates a requirement in the system

How to Execute

To access this REST web service, you need to use the following URL (make sure to replace any parameters (eg {project_id}) with the relevant value (eg 1):


Request Parameters

Name Description

Request Body

Property Description
RequirementId The id of the requirement (integer)
IndentLevel The indentation level of the artifact (string) The system uses a set of three-letter segments to denote indent (e.g. AAA followed by AAB, etc.)
StatusId The id of the requirement's status (integer). If no value is provided, the default status is used Relevant values: Accepted 5; Completed 10; Developed 4; Evaluated 7; In Progress 3; Obsolete 8; Planned 2; Rejected 6; Requested 1; Tested 9.
RequirementTypeId The type of requirement (integer). Relevant values: Package -1; Need 1; Feature 2; Use Case 3; User Story 4; Quality 5; Design Element 6 Null can be passed when created if using the default type
AuthorId The id of the user that wrote the requirement (integer) If no value is provided, the authenticated user is used instead
OwnerId The id of the user that the requirement is assigned-to (integer)
ImportanceId The id of the importance of the requirement (integer) Relevant values: 1 - Critical 1; 2 - High 2; 3 - Medium 3; 4 - Low 4
ReleaseId The id of the release the requirement is scheduled to implemented in (integer)
ComponentId The id of the component the requirement is a part of (integer - these are created on a per project user by an administrator)
Name The name of the requirement (string - required for POST)
Description The description of the requirement (string)
CreationDate The date/time the requirement was originally created (date-time)
LastUpdateDate The date/time the requirement was last modified (date-time)
Summary Is this a summary requirement or not (boolean)
EstimatePoints The estimate of the requirement (decimal - in story points)
Steps The list of scenarios steps (array - only available for Use Case requirement types)
StartDate The start date of the requirement for planning purposes
EndDate The end date of the requirement for planning purposes
PercentComplete The percentage complete of the requirement
GoalId The id of the goal that the requirement belongs to
IsSuspect Is the requirement marked as suspect due to dependent item changes
ProjectId The id of the project that the artifact belongs to
ProjectGuid The guid of the project that the artifact belongs to
ConcurrencyDate The datetime used to track optimistic concurrency to prevent edit conflicts
CustomProperties The list of associated custom properties/fields for this artifact
Tags The list of meta-tags that should be associated with the artifact
Guid The unique identifier for the artifact

Return Data

The JSON and XML examples below show the shape of one entry that will be returned. It does not show an example of how that entry will be populated.