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Represents a single Release or Iteration artifact in the system

Although the fields refer to Release, they are the same fields for an Iteration

Base Classes

This class extends the following base classes:


The following properties are provided directly by this class:

Name Type Description Required
Activeboolean Is this release active for the project Yes
AvailableEffortint? How much effort is still available in the release for planning
CreationDatedateTime The date the release was originally created Yes
CreatorIdint? The id of the user that created the release
CreatorNamestring? What is the full display name of the person who created this release
DaysNonWorkingint How many non-working days are associated with the release Yes
Descriptionstring? The description of the release
EndDatedateTime What is the end date for the release Yes
FullNamestring? The full name and version number of the release combined
IndentLevelstring? The indentation level of the artifact ( The system uses a set of three-letter segments to denote indent (e.g. AAA followed by AAB, etc.) )
Iterationboolean Is this an iteration (true) or a release (false) Yes
LastUpdateDatedateTime The date the release was last modified Yes
Namestring? The name of the release
PlannedEffortint? What is the estimated planned effort associated with the release
ProjectIdint? The id of the project the release belongs to
ReleaseIdint? The id of the release
ResourceCountint How many people are working on the release Yes
StartDatedateTime What is the start date for the release Yes
Summaryboolean Is this release a summary one (i.e. does it have child releases) Yes
TaskActualEffortint? How much effort was actually expended for all the tasks scheduled for this release
TaskCountint? How many tasks are scheduled for this release
TaskEstimatedEffortint? How much effort was estimated for all the tasks scheduled for this release
VersionNumberstring? The version number string of the release