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Saves the updated custom property configuration for a project

This method performs the necessary inserts, updates and deletes on the custom properties. However it does not update the custom lists or custom list values themselves. For that you need to use the UpdateCustomList() function instead


            remoteCustomProperty = new RemoteCustomProperty();
            remoteCustomProperty.ArtifactTypeId = (int)CustomProperty.ArtifactType.Requirement;
            remoteCustomProperty.CustomPropertyId = 11;
            remoteCustomProperty.ProjectId = projectId1;
            remoteCustomProperty.Alias = "Req Type";
            remoteCustomProperty.CustomList = remoteCustomList;
            spiraImportExport.CustomProperty_UpdateCustomProperties((int)CustomProperty.ArtifactType.Requirement, RemoteCustomProperty[] { remoteCustomProperty });


Type Name Required
intartifactTypeId - The type of artifact the custom properties belong to Yes
ArrayOfRemoteCustomProperty? remoteCustomProperties - The list of custom properties to be persisted

Return Value