SpiraTeam: ImportExport SOAP Web Service

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Creates a new requirement record in the current project using the position offset method

This version is use when you want to specify the relative indentation level


            	spiraImportExport.Connection_Authenticate("aant", "aant");
            	//Lets add a nested tree of requirements
            	//First the summary item
            	RemoteRequirement remoteRequirement = new RemoteRequirement();
            	remoteRequirement.StatusId = 1;
            	remoteRequirement.Name = "Functionality Area";
            	remoteRequirement.Description = String.Empty;
            	remoteRequirement.AuthorId = userId1;
            	remoteRequirement = spiraImportExport.Requirement_Create1(remoteRequirement, 0);
            	requirementId1 = remoteRequirement.RequirementId.Value;
            	//Detail Item 1
            	remoteRequirement = new RemoteRequirement();
            	remoteRequirement.StatusId = 2;
            	remoteRequirement.ImportanceId = 1;
            	remoteRequirement.ReleaseId = releaseId1;
            	remoteRequirement.Name = "Requirement 1";
            	remoteRequirement.Description = "Requirement Description 1";
            	remoteRequirement.AuthorId = userId1;
            	remoteRequirement = spiraImportExport.Requirement_Create1(remoteRequirement, 1);
            	requirementId2 = remoteRequirement.RequirementId.Value;


Type Name Required
RemoteRequirement? remoteRequirement - The new requirement object (primary key will be empty)
intindentPosition - The number of columns to indent the requirement by (positive for indent, negative for outdent) Yes

Return Value

RemoteRequirement - The populated requirement object - including the primary key