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Represents an automated test run in the system

Base Classes

This class extends the following base classes:


The following properties are provided directly by this class:

Name Type Description Required
AutomationAttachmentIdint? The id of the attachment that is being used to store the test script (file or url)
AutomationEngineIdint? The id of the automation engine that the result is being recorded for
AutomationEngineTokenstring? The token of the automation engine that the result is being recorded for (read-only)
AutomationHostIdint? The id of the automation host that the result is being recorded for
ParametersArrayOfRemoteTestSetTestCaseParameter? The list of test case parameters that have been provided
RunnerAssertCountint? The number of assertions/errors reported during the automated test execution
RunnerMessagestring? The summary result of the test case
RunnerNamestring? The name of the external automated tool that executed the test
RunnerStackTracestring? The detailed trace of test results reported back from the automated testing tool
RunnerTestNamestring? The name of the test case as it is known in the external tool
ScheduledDatedateTime? The datetime the test was scheduled for
TestRunFormatIdint The format of the automation results (1=Plain Text, 2=HTML) stored in the 'RunnerStackTrace' field Yes
TestRunStepsArrayOfRemoteTestRunStep? The list of test steps that comprise the automated test ( These are optional for automated test runs. The status of the test run steps does not change the overall status of the automated test run. They are used to simply make reporting clearer inside the system. They will also update the status of appropriate Test Step(s) if a valid test step id is provided. )