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Represents a single build in SpiraTeam

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The following properties are provided directly by this class:

Name Type Description Required
BuildIdint? The id of the build
BuildStatusIdint The id of the status of the build (1=Failed, 2=Passed) Yes
BuildStatusNamestring? The display name of the status of the build ( Read-only )
CreationDatedateTime? The date the build was created ( Pass null to use the current server date/time )
Descriptionstring? The detailed description of the host ( Optional )
LastUpdateDatedateTime The date/time that the build was last modified Yes
Namestring? The name of the build
ProjectIdint The id of the project the build belongs to Yes
ReleaseIdint The id of the release or iteration the build belongs to Yes
RevisionsArrayOfRemoteBuildSourceCode? The list of source code revisions associated with the build