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Represents a single User in the system

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The following properties are provided directly by this class:

Name Type Description Required
Activeboolean Whether the user is active in the system Yes
Adminboolean Whether the user is a system administrator Yes
Approvedboolean Is this user approved by the system administrator Yes
Departmentstring? The department of the user
EmailAddressstring? The email address of the user
FirstNamestring? The first (given) name of the user
FullNamestring? The full name of the user concatenated (First + Middle + Last)
LastNamestring? The last name (surname) of the user
LdapDnstring? The LDAP Distinguished Name for the user (null for non-LDAP users)
Lockedboolean Is this user locked-out of their account Yes
MiddleInitialstring? The middle initials of the user
RssTokenstring? This is the RSS token for this user ( For security reasons, you have to access the API as a system administrator to retrieve this field )
UserIdint? The id of the user
UserNamestring? The login used by the user