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Represents a single project custom property configuration entry

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The following properties are provided directly by this class:

Name Type Description Required
ArtifactTypeIdint The artifact type that the custom property is for Yes
CustomListRemoteCustomList? The associated custom list if this is a list custom property ( This will be null if this is not a list custom property )
CustomPropertyFieldNamestring? The internal field name of the custom property (e.g. Custom_01)
CustomPropertyIdint? The id of the custom property (leave null for newly created ones)
CustomPropertyTypeIdint The type of custom property. It can have the following values: Text = 1, Integer = 2, Decimal = 3, Boolean = 4, Date = 5, List = 6, MultiList = 7, User = 8 Yes
CustomPropertyTypeNamestring? The display name of the type of custom property
IsDeletedboolean Has this custom property been deleted Yes
Namestring? The display name for the custom property
OptionsArrayOfRemoteCustomPropertyOption? The collection of custom property options
ProjectIdint The project the custom property belongs to Yes
PropertyNumberint The position number of this custom property (1-30). Each artifact type can have 30 custom properties per project Yes
SystemDataTypestring? The physical data type that this custom property is stored as (Int32, String, DataTime, etc.)