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Adds a new document (url) into the system and associates it with the provided artifact (optional) and project folder/type (optional)


            remoteDocument = new RemoteDocument();
            remoteDocument.FilenameOrUrl = "http://www.tempuri.org/test123.htm";
            remoteDocument.Description = "Sample Test Case URL";
            remoteDocument.AuthorId = userId2;
            remoteDocument.ArtifactId = testCaseId2;
            remoteDocument.ArtifactTypeId = (int)DataModel.Artifact.ArtifactTypeEnum.TestCase;
            attachmentId3 = spiraImportExport.Document_AddUrl(remoteDocument).AttachmentId.Value;


Type Name Required
RemoteDocument? remoteDocument - The new document object (primary key will be empty). PopulationFunctions.Populate the FilenameOrUrl field with the URL

Return Value

RemoteDocument - The populated document object - including the primary key and default values for project attachment type and project folder if they were not specified