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Retrieves a filtered list of documents/attachments in a project for the specified folder


            RemoteFilter remoteFilter = new RemoteFilter();
            remoteFilter.PropertyName = "Filename";
            remoteFilter.StringValue = "test_data";
            remoteSort.PropertyName = "Filename";
            remoteSort.SortAscending = true;
            remoteDocuments = spiraImportExport.Document_RetrieveForFolder(projectAttachmentFolderId, new RemoteFilter[] { remoteFilter }, remoteSort, 1, 999);


Type Name Required
intfolderId - The id of the project attachment folder Yes
ArrayOfRemoteFilter? remoteFilters - The list of filters to apply
RemoteSort? remoteSort - The sort to apply
intstartingRow - The first row to return (starting with 1) Yes
intnumberRows - The number of rows to return Yes

Return Value

ArrayOfRemoteDocument - List of documents