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Records the results of executing an automated test

Use this version of the method for clients that cannot handle session cookies or complex data objects. Unlike the TestRun_RecordAutomated1 it cannot handle custom properties


            int testRunId5 = spiraImportExport.TestRun_RecordAutomated2("aant", "aant", projectId1, userId2, testCaseId1, iterationId2, null, null, null, DateTime.UtcNow, DateTime.UtcNow.AddSeconds(20), Business.TestCase.ExecutionStatusFailed, "TestSuite", "02_Test_Method", 5, "Expected 1, Found 0", "Error Stack Trace........");


Type Name Required
string? userName - The username of the user
string? password - The unhashed password of the user
intprojectId - The project to connect to Yes
int? testerUserId - The user id of the person who's running the test (null for logged in user)
inttestCaseId - The test case being executed Yes
int? releaseId - The release being executed against (optional)
int? testSetId - The test set being executed against (optional)
int? testSetTestCaseId - The id of the unique test case entry in the test set (if none provided, the first matching test case is used)
int? buildId - The id of the build that the test run should be linked to
dateTimestartDate - When the test run started Yes
dateTimeendDate - When the test run ended Yes
intexecutionStatusId - The status of the test run (pass/fail/not run) Yes
string? runnerName - The name of the automated testing tool
string? runnerTestName - The name of the test case in the external tool
intrunnerAssertCount - The number of assertions Yes
string? runnerMessage - The failure message (if appropriate)
string? runnerStackTrace - The error stack trace (if any)s
inttestRunFormatId - The format of the runnerStackTrace (1=Plain Text, 2=HTML) Yes

Return Value

int - The newly created test run id