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Represents a document (attachment/url) in the system

Base Classes



The following properties are provided directly by this class:

Type Name Required
long? ArtifactId - The id of the artifact it's being attached to
int? ArtifactTypeId - The id of the type of artifact it's attached to ( None = -1, Forum = 1, Thread = 2, Message = 3, User = 4, Article = 5, Ticket = 6, Placeholder = 7 )
long? AttachmentId - The id of the attachment
intAttachmentTypeId - The id of the attachment type ( File = 1, URL = 2 ) Yes
long? AuthorId - The id of the user that uploaded the attachment ( If no value is provided, the authenticated user is used )
string? AuthorName - The display name of the user that uploaded the attachment
string? Description - The description of the attachment
string? DocumentURL - Returns the url to directly access the document.
string? FilenameOrUrl - The filename of the file (if a file attachment) or the full URL if a URL attachment
base64Binary? Hash - The MD5 hash of the file's contents.
longSize - The size of the attachment in bytes ( Pass 0 for a URL attachment ) Yes
dateTimeUploadDate - The date/time the attachment was uploaded Yes