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Represents a user in the system

Base Classes



The following properties are provided directly by this class:

Type Name Required
booleanActive - Whether the user is active in the system Yes
booleanApproved - Is this user approved by the system administrator Yes
string? EmailAddress - The email address of the user
string? FirstName - The first (given) name of the user
string? FullName - The full name of the user concatenated (First + Middle + Last)
string? LastName - The last name (surname) of the user
string? LdapDn - The LDAP Distinguished Name for the user (null for non-LDAP users) ( Not currently used by the API )
booleanLocked - Is this user locked-out of their account Yes
string? Login - The login used by the user
string? MiddleInitial - The middle initials of the user
string? RssToken - What is the RSS token for this user
long? UserId - The id of the user